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Website Design Questionnaire

Yes LOL 🙂 – We know it seems like a long questionnaire. However, so that we can give you the best services and web solution, it is really important for your business that we get as much information from you as possible. After all, we know how busy you are are we don’t want to keep disturbing you.

We offer a free no obligation quote. Please complete our easy online quotation form and a member of our team will contact you to discuss further details. Please note your details are safe under the GDPR and will not be shared with any third party outside of our own business

Examples of Websites (Optional)

If you have seen websites you already like the look of, please provide at least 1 example in the boxes below.

Special Features (Optional)

Social Media Accounts (Optional)

Please provide links to any social media you currently use. We can add these links to your website to help increase followers, customers and likes to your posts. We can also showcase your social media posts in real-time on your website.

Target Audience

Who will your website be aimed at? You can select more than one audience type.

This is known as your 'Target Demographic' or 'Target Audience'.


Who is your competition? Please provide at least 1 example in the boxes below.

Website Pages

This is to help us develop the pages for your website. Please note that not all websites require all the pages listed below. Only select the additional pages your website needs based on your type of business and the service/products you offer. We will discuss in further details and make changes if needed to accommodate your business and website needs.

Note: We have already checked the main pages that are needed for the website.

SEO and PPC (Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click)

To provide outstanding service, sell a product or get incredible results for your clients, you need to be seen. Our SEO and PPC services offer just that. 

Digital Marketing is a skilled profession. Doing it right takes years of learning, experimenting, and allowing for the cost of trial and error.

Doing it wrong can cost you in more ways than one.

We can’t put out every fire in your business, but we can take care of your SEO and Google Ads PPC Marketing.